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Welcome to the Wild Imaginarium​!

Alexis is a theatre artist and producer with a penchant for the dramatic and a flair for audacity! The Wild Imaginarium is a place for her to explore ideas that come from all sorts of places, theatrical and otherwise.

She creates whatever catches her fancy…


The Wild Imaginarium began as an outlet for all of the ideas, materials, skills, and tools that Alexis had collected in her travels as a theatre producer, director, designer, and actor. Alexis has begun to gather a vast amount of knowledge based on many influences: history, theatre, art, music, myths and legends, cartoons, geek culture, burlesque, costuming, cosplay, science, and nature (to name but a few). Collecting all of the sketches, blurbs, and scribbles is a full time job, and it may never be done, but the attempt is part of Alexis’ raison d’etre and is itself a fabulous journey.


So Alexis makes things, she creates things, she photographs and writes stories for the items in her delightful etsy shop, and she hopes you like everything she makes.


The Wild Imaginarium is a place to play, and to create things that help others remember what it is to be delighted! 

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