what I do

production manager

I believe in brave and fabulous art, and I produce and support independent and original artists through the many different steps of production. Visit recent events and productions for a database of productions I have played a role in. 

I recently created this document, and it is nowhere near complete! I will be updating this document with current (and past) productions and events at every available opportunity. When you are ready to discuss your event, let's chat and we can begin a collaboration. 

event coordination

I have created many different events with many different folx for many different occassions - from intimate business luncheons to elaborate 400 person weddings!

In event coordination, I work closely with clients to oversee the final stages, including "day-of" coordination, for their special event.

Think stage manager for you one-of-a-kind celebrations...someone to keep the schedule and act as point of contact. Let's chat and see what you and your event needs!

custom designs & accessories

Custom designs are my very favorite - I love creating something that exceeds a client's expectations and brings them continuous delight!

I have:

  • created working props and set pieces for over 100 events and productions

  • handpainted scenic backdrops and one of a kind ladies' heels

  • created and built steampunk costumes and a "bespoke" Krampus costume

  • handcrafted elaborate jewelry designs and Mucha-inspired headdresses

  • and much, MUCH, MUCH, more!

The more fabulous the creation, the better! Let's chat and see what we can create together!​

social media & marketing management

I believe in the power of entrepreneurship and creativity! To further that spirit I offer one-on-one consultations and trainings, as well as group workshops on social media marketing strategies for independent artists and emmerging micro-businesses.

Interested in learning more and asking lots of questions? Let's chat and discuss your business' changing needs - and a plan for your success!

costume and properties design

For over 20 years I have created one of a kind costumes and properties for theatrical productions, film, music videos, concerts, photoshoots, and commercials. Need severed feet puppets for your world-premier production or handpainted 80's suits for your Fringe show?

I am your dame!

Interested in a design & build collaboration? Let's chat and discuss what types of partnership will work best for you or your organization!

event management

Want to throw the event of a lifetime, but need someone to oversee the details?

That is totally what I do! 

In event management, I handle all of your event planning needs and logistics - from planning stages to the clean up after, and everything in between!

Need a knowledgeable guide through your event planning experience? Let's chat and discuss what your special event can be!

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