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“Alexis is the light of the candle. She has an amazing ability to unify, ignite, and empower those around her.”      

Kevin Charles Patterson –  Executive Director – San Diego International Fringe Festival


“Alexis works hard and really throws herself into any and every project she takes on. She has a ton of heart, and a great sense of humor, which truly makes working with her a joy.”

Emily K Harrison – Producing Artistic Director – square product theatre


“Alexis Cooley is an unstoppable force of artistic nature. Whenever she is not single-handedly holding multiple art and theater events together, she is creating imaginative custom costumes, jewelry, steam-punk apparel, and all sorts of magic for Wild Imaginarium. This human can seriously do it all and then some. If you are looking for a multi-talented producer and artistic powerhouse then look no further… Alexis is the person you’ve been looking for.”

Mike Malpiedi - Founder and Editor-in-Chief -  Split Screens


“I’ve yet to work with anyone as passionate and inspiring as Alexis. Through a beautifully creative and imaginative lens, Alexis contains a natural gift for bringing people together and creating a community, large or small, where sharing, learning, and discovering together is at the forefront. Not only are her goals tremendous, but her drive to accomplish them is greater, and she always does so with humor, care, and heart. While working alongside Alexis on a small team of three with the Boulder International Fringe Festival, she taught me what it means to be a collaborative worker and a team player in an organizational setting. Her spirit extends beyond any project or task, and, always leading by example, Alexis is an addition in the highest regard to any team, company, or project she is a part of.”

Justin Cooke – founding member / artist - Squeaky Wheelz Productions


“Alexis is a force of nature on the side of good (thankfully). It was a joy to work with her in producing and promoting Boulder’s first fairytale festival. She had the perfect blend of creative energy and a listening ear to bring ideas worth acting on into reality. During the promotion stage she helped guide a few noobs in the art of the press release and relentless social media coverage. During the event her incredible emcee energy was vital to getting the audience engaged and excited for the next artist stepping on stage. The event was a success and it was because we had her on our team!”

Rachel Ann HardingStory Story Podcast & Stories with Spirit


“Alexis is one of the most innovative and passionate artists that I’ve had the joy of working with. Her fearless attitude towards what the arts can be and should be is contagious and inspiring.”

Sarah Rankin – Festival Director – Fundy Fringe Festival


“Alexis Cooley is a wonderful collaborator and producer that I have had the privilege of working with both through the Boulder Fringe Festival and my own ventures, Beats: A Naropan Periodical and Poetry Is Productions. Alexis has been the point person for marketing, PR, and social media for Poetry Is, and I couldn’t be happier with the work she’s done. Her diligence and creativity are valuable, as is her amiable and productive attitude.”

Robert Eric Shoemaker – Artistic Director – Poetry Is Productions


“Alexis Cooley brings an unforgettable presence to any performance space! Her enthusiasm for nurturing the arts community is the engaging spark that Boulder County needs to thrive. Wether you’re a performer or a guest enjoying the show, she will make you feel at ease, yet excited for the evening ahead. If anyone is in need of a Producer that will unite the entire performance space, Alexis is the person who always comes to mind!”

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